Music photography fills the void between going to shows, listening to recordings, and reminiscing back on times you’ve watched your favorite bands play.

So much more is captured than just an image of a band pouring it out on stage. Over time, you begin to see evolutions in the musical landscape. Landmark venues close, house venues burn down (RIP Dekum Manor), band members change, and once small bands make their big break. History is documented.

Despite everyone with a cell phone having the ability to snap photos on Instagram in some amateur photographer fairytale, it is the true, dedicated pit-men, attending seemingly every show with their trusty lens-capped third arm hanging from their neck, who deserve celebration.

Today, we’re highlighting one of those brave souls who risks his own high-end equipment for nothing more than his love of music and capturing those little, important moments. We bring you, the trademark long-exposure lighting effects and generally intimate photography of none other than the one and only Todd Walberg.