In a community with seemingly more musicians and bands per capita than there are jobs available, it’s no surprise the arts industries related to musical endeavors are thriving as well.

Local presses are churning out high quality, hand-made CD and LP covers. Screen printers are busy making shirts, sweaters and posters for bands. And the poster art… Graphic designers have become brilliantly specialized in the realm of concert posters.

Local artist Chris Bigalke, whose design work goes under the name Showdeer, stands out as one of the most prominent creators of poster art. You see his work everywhere. On just about any given weekend there is bound to be a show happening for which Chris illustrated a poster for either print or digital promotion. His work is eye catching, with elements of pop art in his use of bright colors, rigid lines, and bold fonts.

In celebration of Chris’ contributions to the Portland art and music communities, we’ve compiled a gallery of some of our favorite Showdeer poster designs.