Portland, OR, is one of the most well-represented cities at Treefort 2015. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at full the line-up that’s been freshly announced. Every few lines, you’re guaranteed to see a Portland-based artist. Hell, if you wanted to attend this year’s Treefort and only see bands from Portland, you could probably do that (although you’d be missing out on a bunch of other great stuff). With Boise’s Treefort Fest being a short nine hour drive from Portland, many acts will be making the journey to play what’s quickly turning into the Northwest’s own little version of SXSW.

While we can’t list all of the acts who will be representing Portland at this year’s Treefort, what we can do is give you a list of five acts who you absolutely must catch while you’re hanging out in Boise next month. Check them out below!


If psychedelia is your thing, you probably already know about Wooden Indian Burial Ground. A Portland mainstay, they’ve played with massive acts like Built to Spill and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Treefort 2015 will see them bringing their brand of frenetic, psychedelic, garage rock textures to Boise. Definitely a show you can’t miss.


Masters of balancing intelligent songwriting with catchy yet offbeat rhythms, Sama Dams latest record Comfort in Doubt was one of the most acclaimed albums coming out of Portland last year. Call them “avant garde,” call them “experimental” — no matter what you call them, it’s hard to deny that they push the envelope of pop and consistently create music that doesn’t just make you bob your head, but think about what you’re hearing at the same time.


This psych-pop six piece have been a favorite in the Portland music scene for quite a while, and we’re stoked to get to check them out at this year’s Treefort. Blurring the lines between melodic dream pop and heavily textured shoegaze, Grandparents are gearing up for a new record that’s due out this year, so their Treefort set is sure to bring some great new tunes.


Helvetia has been around. Hard at work for almost ten years now, and made up of former members of Built to Spill, they’re one of the more under-appreciated bands in Portland, so it’s nice to see them getting their due. Consistently churning out well-crafted indie-pop that’s as cerebral as it is catchy, Helvetia might just be your new favorite band.


Our fifth and final pick for this year’s Portland representatives at Treefort is our darkest and grungiest — it’s The Ghost Ease. They may be a three piece, but they bring an energy that’s unmatched. And what’s most impressive is how they toe the line between heady and raw, both in melody and overall texture. They can play heavy, dissonant stuff, but they always manage to strike the overall balance that brings everything back to an even keel.