Public artwork serves as one of the many voices of a community.

Painted murals more specifically go back to the beginning of human existence. From early landscape carvings on rocks, to theological masterpieces decorated atop historic cathedral ceilings – or from post-war zone color revitalization, to simply helping “fill the void” in our modern-day concrete jungles, the cultural significance of mural art has always been immense.

In Portland, nearly two decades of lawsuit-ridden turmoil between the city and major media conglomerate iHeartMedia (formerly Clear Channel) over billboard use and the value of physical advertisement space had created an outwardly hostile environment for public murals all together. However over the past few years, thanks in large part to recent advancements by the city’s Public Art Murals Program and local non-profit Forest for the Trees, Portland’s temporarily bleak city walls have slowly been filling up with beautiful and wacky art, showcasing our true artful nature once again.

Today, Noise & Color is celebrating some of our favorite murals found around Portland. There are so many more out there. Send us your own photos of favorite murals around town or tips on where to find other great public art pieces you’d like to see featured to