Humankind has been dodging sobriety since the discovery of rotten, fermented fruit. 

Fast forward to the year 2015: The market for craft quality beer has come into such prominence that industry leading mass-producers are actually feeling the threat of demand for a higher quality beverage over their cheap, watery substitute. (See Budweiser’s desperate Hail Mary commercial slamming microbrew during the Super Bowl XLIX). But the threat is real. In 2013, Americans actually bought more craft beer than Budweiser.

Helping Portlanders stay intoxicated, and fighting the good fight against world market dominating macro brews, are Portland’s very own Occidental Brewing, located in St. Johns.  Run by the uncle and nephew team, Dan and Ben Engler, Occidental specialize in the art of German style beers, with five main offerings – A Hefeweizen, Kölsch, Altbier, Dunkel, and a Bohemian-Style Pilsner.

Following a massive market trend among micro breweries moving away from using glass bottles to package their sweet devil’s nectar, Occidental offers the fruit of their labor in easily recyclable aluminum cans. Noise & Color’s Adam Smith had the opportunity to visit the brewery on canning day to get a behind the scenes look at just how cool the whole packaging process really is. Spoiler alert, it’s no Laverne & Shirly opening sequence, but it’s still totally visually badass!