Art isn’t supposed to be for the faint of heart.

The artwork of Portland graphic designer/illustrator Matt Stikker takes the hearts of the tragically weak and brutally rips them out, chews them up and lets the bloody entrails ooze out of its three extra eyes.

Stikker is the newest member of the graphics team for the unholy trinity of prominent metal infused fantasy/sci fi art by Relapse Records, Sizzle Pie/Pizza Party Headquarters and White Owl Social Club. And working for such a wide-spectrum of businesses, Matt’s projects can vary from gruesome t-shirt designs or album covers for bands, to lettering and signwork for restaurants, or post-apocalyptic nuclear-mutant pizza monster merchandise. But his work typically always draws influence from comic and fantasy art.

Outside of his typical studio office hours, Stikker creates logos and design work for bands, alternative publications and various creative projects that are in line with his dark sensibilities. Years ago while working at a record store, he even picked up the hobby of… altering… iconic, dime-a-dozen album covers, giving them a black metal facelift – a project aptly titled Bargain Bin Blasphemy.

Whatever the graphic projects Metal Matt Stikker takes on however, there are always two essential truths that ring through – they are incredibly skilled and metal as fvck.