Walking HOMIEFESTII-August2015around Portland for five minutes, chances are high that you’ll bump into someone involved in the local music scene.

Maybe they’re in a band themselves. Maybe they book shows. Maybe they run a label, design show posters, run sound somewhere… you get it. Our town is packed with individuals striving to lift our local music to new heights — folks who want to keep creating. As a matter of fact, some would call those folks “homies.” And that’s exactly what they’ll be during HOMIEFEST II, a 2 day music festival in the woods of Newberg, OR, during the weekend of August 7th and 8th.

Conceived as a way to bring together many of the rad acts Portland has to offer, Homiefest will showcase some of the city’s finest, including: Talkative, Grandparents, Aan, Sun Angle, Minden, And And And, Mascaras, The Tamed West, The Domestics, The Ghost Ease, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Sama Dams, Yeah Great Fine, Orquestra Pacifico Tropical, Luz Elena Mendoza, Houndstooth, Animal Eyes, and many, many more (peep the poster for the full lineup)!

Homiefest is a killer way to showcase the vastness of our musical community, all while allowing us to have an awesome outdoor party in the woods. Spearheaded by none other than local music sevant and everyone’s best friend, Papi Fimbres, this year’s installment of Homiefest comes just a week before he relocates overseas to Germany for a year with his wife Shana. There they plan to play shows as their duo, Dreckig, and to make new (undoubtedly awesome) music with homie Joe Haege (of 31 Knots and The Dodos).

The campground will open at 4p on Friday, August 7th, and music will run from 7p to about 1a that night. The next day, music will run from noon until midnight. On Sunday, there’s no music — that’ll be the day you pack up and head back to real life.

While there will be multiple food carts, it’s highly recommended that you bring your own utensils and water bottles. As a matter of fact, you’re even welcome to bring your own food if you plan to cook out. Think of Homiefest as a camping trip, but with an added element of non-stop live music.

The festival is FREE and ALL AGES. See all the homies out there!

[Editor’s Note: Since this article was originally published, Homiefest II has seen a number of changes. Some of those changes include a slightly altered line-up, one day of music instead of two, and it’s now free. Check out the full, updated line-up on the Homiefest II event page.]