With Treefort right around the corner, we’re bringing you the first half of our two-part Treefort Preview. Earlier in the year, we featured five Portland bands you should check out this year, and while we’ll bring you some more music picks tomorrow, for now check out our preview of comedy and performance art at this year’s Treefort!

Comedyfort: Surviving Festival Week With Dong Jokes

Festivals are hard. You’ve been to five shows, walked miles trying to find the port-a-potties, were narrowly missed by an enterprising unauthorized fire dancer, are seriously beginning to question that sixth trip to the Alefort before dinner, and it’s only 8:00. How to recharge without missing precious festival festivities? Festively, of course. The answer is Comedyfort.

Hosted by the Liquid Lounge in downtown Boise and running March 26th-29th, Comedyfort is a round-up of stand-up. Each show features multiple acts headlined by Chris Fairbanks and starts at 8:00, but get there early as there are only 100 seats for Treefort attendees and this is the perfect chance to rest your tootsies and have another drink before getting down to some serious dance time later that night.

Here are Noise & Color’s picks for the must-see of Comedyfort. (Warning: your reviewer has a low-brow sense of humor and a fourth-grader’s idea of dirty language is ahead.)

Steven Wilber is Portland’s funniest person. We didn’t make that up and he’s not paying us (not that we’re opposed, Wilber) – he won the Helium’s annual Portland’s Funniest Person contest in 2014. Get out there and support your hometown hero, Portland. We promise he’ll deliver.

Why you’re laughing: unexpected combinations, like Jay-Z and Jesus, vaginas and mnemonics, all with a shiny boy-next-door delivery.


chris_fairbanksChris Fairbanks is headlining for all four nights of Comedyfort. He’s done Conan, he’s done Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, he’s done a lot of other things, which you can check out on his very own IMDB page, which makes him important. He’s also seriously funny, and we’re hoping he still has his strangely compelling moustache for this show.

Why you’re laughing: wry, self deprecating humor, perfectly timed delivery, excellently crafted poop jokes.


emma_arnoldEmma Arnold is a Boise comedian with her funny little fingers all over most of the state’s most hilarious projects. When she’s not working on entertaining Boise, she plots comedic world domination by touring the west coast, publishing non-fiction for Exciting Press, and producing her future show, Super Sketchy.

Why you’re laughing: picking the funny bones out of motherhood and more vagina jokes than you can shake a tampon at.


Comic_Book_JynxJynx Jenkins is one half of Lady Bizness, a popular Boise podcast that ponders all the funny vagaries of tea, cheese and beavers. When she’s not casting pods, she’s standing up and saying funny things. We’re excited to sit down and watch.

Why you’re laughing: you can’t not laugh with somebody who loves to talk about bush and dongs as much as this lady.


Performance Art at Treefort: Squids, Tights and Scares

There is so much to do at Treefort Music Festival that we here at Noise & Color almost feel guilty telling you guys about it. Those of you that can’t go will be jealous, and those of you that can go are sure to be torn over what to see. Film Fest or Comedyfort? Viet Cong or the Velvet Teen? Skatefort or Alefort? The Ghost Ease or Bed.?

We’re just kidding, we don’t feel guilty. We feel excited. And one of the things that we’re excited about is all of the performance art on offer at Treefort this year. The only thing we’re not excited about is the fact that the Performance Art section of Treefort didn’t get a -fort title. Come on, Treefort – what about Perfortmance Art? Anyway! If you’re lucky enough to attend, be sure to spice up your music calendar with breaks for dance, puppets, and tumblers. Oh, and watch out for the squids.

10900080_1034214236592993_6975980910655829722_oRoseCity Acro Devils are Portland’s very own acrobats. They tumble, they throw fire around, they throw each other around, they throw themselves around, and we hear that they’re somersaulting all the way from Portland to Boise. They’ll be on the main stage all weekend, and if you don’t go and show them some love, the mayor of Portland will come and take away your Keep Portland Weird bumper sticker and drink all of your local beer while you’re out of town.

Giant Squids are Treefort’s natural predator. All the information we have is in the vague threat on the performance art page: there are giant squids. They attack the main stage. Be alert.

LED is a dance collective directed by Lauren Edson. They’ll be performing Friday at 7:00pm at CAMP Modern, combining contemporary ballet and live music. This promises to be beautiful and we’re excited to attend.

1974010_749738695073788_7427622585450145626_oStar Wars Abridged is a half-hour condensed comedic retelling of Star Wars. Come to CAMP Modern at 2:00 on Saturday the 28th to squeeze in the ultimate battle between the forces of good and evil between lunch and your first show of the day.

Horror Puppet Cabaret will terrify you with dramatic renditions of horrifying short stories, acted out by an intense cast of the macabre, the horrendous, the malevolent, the… felted? Come back to CAMP Modern at 4:00 on Saturday after your (let’s face it, second or third) trip to Alefort for some unsettlingly cuddly scares.


 Written by Daniela Zarevich