The dream of the 90s is alive everywhere, not just in Portland.

Attn: Shameless Fashion Time Travelers

You know who you are. You spend more time thinking about hemlines and color schemes than generally planning your day(life). The application of textured hair and mixed patterns is more important to you than the application of your job skills. The rest of us look to your sage wisdom for guidance. 

And we love you for it.

Because without you, one of the most interesting aspects of music festivals would be seriously lacking! N&C photographer Carey Silverstein and I had the chance to wander the streets of Treefort Music Fest in order to capture some of the limitless funky, freaky fashion inside the event.

It’s no question that all facets of the 90s have returned with a serious fucking vengeance, and our favorite looks involving this style wave were highlighted when paired with a few timeless staples. So an eternal thanks to you chic, adventurous, creative style mongers. You’ve juiced up our appreciation and inspiration!

Take a look and enjoy!