Warning: Yogafort is not a fort built out of yoga bodies… but it’s still awesome.

[half]When I first heard of Yogafort, I got stoked on a fort made entirely of happy yogi bodies. It would be cool to chill in a wriggly, bendy structure supported by human strength and crazy aerialists… or, maybe that’s just me. (Like, one thoughtful yogi would do the splits to form a skylight in the roof where the sun could shine through under his crotchal region, just for me.)

Well, it isn’t quite that. Yogafort is supported by the peoples’ lust for movement and good music, but it happens inside buildings built by adults with degrees. (Probably safer). There were no generous crotchal skylights, but it’s still pretty rad to look up and see 200 hands reaching toward a normal ceiling in tree pose.

This is Yogafort’s third year of loosening hips to great jams and the people want more. The $50 passes to Yoga Fort’s three day celebration of Lycra went quickly and it’s no surprise. For access to all 15 classes with titles like “Fire in the Belly; Honey in the Heart,” “The Dance Commander and Psycache Experience,” and “The Primal Power Hour,” $50 is a steal! …That is, if you can actually make it to class after a night of binge drinking and moshing till the wee(py) hours.

Treeforters can use their passes to participate in classes, but because Yogaforters get first dibs when it comes to entry and precision mat placement, just know that you’ll be pointed to sit in the back of the room… Seems fair, though. Gotta plan ahead a little in life sometimes, right?

Being in the back sure didn’t stop me from proudly using my Treefort pass and dropping some dope goddess squats to DJ Galaxe and a live performance by Emily Wells – talk about inspiration! She alone is the reason I can now do full standing splits. I love you, Emily.

The unique pairing of musicians and international yoga instructors is definitely something I want more of. Live music while down-dogging is new for me, but anything that gets me closer to twerking – I’m in. Maybe I’ll plan ahead a little better next year and purchase a Yogafort pass like an adult who plans ahead.[/half][half][/half]