If you didn’t make it to Boise for Treefort this year, the pictures and show reviews don’t quite do it justice.

It’s not that they shouldn’t inspire you — in fact, I hope that you are listening to a Treefort 2015 playlist and admiring shirtless photos of Papi Fimbres right now (we all are) — it’s just that they don’t capture that certain je ne sais quoi that was Treefort.

Treefort was weird. Treefort was exciting. Treefort made us all decide to move to Boise, but then the hangover made us change our minds. We were introduced to a staggering amount of new bands, felt inspired, made new friends, ate a disturbing number of artisan sandwiches, and made an endless number of -fort related jokes (#drunkfort #punfort.) We hope we feel human again by 2016 so that we can go back next year.

Want to know a little more what it was really like? We have a roundup of the weirdest words on the streetfort from tweetfort to help you get a better idea of all the dirt and glory that was Treefort.