Everybody needs a custom t-shirt printed once in a while.

Whether it’s for that family reunion chock full of overbearing pride, beer-league baseball jerseys, or band merchandise, there could be a myriad of occasions. Fortunately, in true Portland do-it-yourself spirit, Misplaced Screen Printing offer an affordable, local, handmade option for such printing needs, so underpaid musicians, and sandlot crews don’t have to pay top dollar to hustle in style.

Misplaced Screen Printing is a young startup business run out of the basement of an inner SE Portland home. Managed by the bearded trio of best buds, artists, musicians, all around badasses that are Henry Gibson, Andrew Clyde and Wesley Hubbard, Misplaced provide full spectrum service from design conceptualization, to branding, to printing. The group’s diverse network of friends in the community of Portland doers and makers have resulted in projects for the likes of And And And, Grandparents, Sally Ford, Builders & the Butchers, Party Boys, Loose Yr Mind, Pals Fest and more, and range from t-shirt and sweatshirt prints to poster art to backpacks and beer “coolzees.”

Noise & Color got a behind the scenes look inside the basement operation of Misplaced Screen Printing. Check out their digs during some work-in-progress, and consider them for any future design or screen printing needs.