This Weekend in Portland: 5.8 – 5.10

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given weekend, sorting through it all to find the perfect activities to fill our invaluable free time can be taxing. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the things we think are most worthy of your time.

All weekend – Bridgetown Comedy Festival – 21+ (link)

Bridgetown Comedy Festival has been bringing the funny to Portland since 2008, and this year is no exception. Taking over ten venues across town (including Doug Fir, Revolution Hall, Bunk Bar and My Fathers Place to name a few) for the entire weekend, BCF brings together some of the best of Northwest comedians with thirty different shows. Though a weekend pass costs $100, that’s really only peanuts compared to what you’ll spend at any major music festivals this summer.


All Weekend – Heaven Adores You (an Elliott Smith documentary) at Clinton Street Theater – 3:30 and 7pm showings, $8, (link)

If you’re not a fan of the late Elliott Smith then shame on you. Offering devotees a new documentarial perspective on the man behind the music, director Nickolas Rossi places the focus on Smith’s music – meshing live performance footage with studio recordings, alternate takes and unheard songs – letting the music tell the story of his life rather than regurgitating the oft told tale of a sad-sack-genius.

Friday and Saturday – Cheers to Belgian Beers at MCF Craft Brewing Systems – 5pm Fri and 12pm Sat, $15, 21+, (link)

Cheers to Belgian Beers is back, celebrating its ninth year, and bringing more brews than ever. This year’s installment includes 58 beers from 54 brewers. Now, when you think Belgian beer you probably think lighter fare, along the lines of hefeweizens, but rest assured, there’s room for fans of darker beers — as a matter of fact, the CBB Yeast Strain is the 1762 Belgian Abbey II, which makes for some dark, strong ales. All in all, for fans of beer, it’s not an event to miss.


Saturday – Linear Downfall, Talkative and Bleach Blonde Dudes at Habesha9:30, 21+, $5, (link)

Some of Portland’s finest weirdo rockers, Talkative and Bleach Blonde Dudes, team up this Saturday at one of the city’s oddest and best word-of-mouth dive bar venues to play their variations on psychedelic sounds. Joined by Linear Downfall of Nashville, there really isn’t any better place to spend your Saturday night getting drunk this weekend.

All weekend – The Terminator at Hollywood Theater 9pm, $8, (link)

Who better to play a cyborg than Arnold Schwarzenegger? No one. No one at all. He’s got the voice, he’s got the look, he’s got the cold, emotionless delivery — it really was the best call that casting could’ve made, and it resulted in one of the most glorious flicks of the 80s: The Terminator. James Cameron’s major directorial debut, Terminator is a tour de force of dystopian, cyborg goodness, and if you’ve got eight dollars to blow, you should probably check it out this weekend.