This Weekend in Portland: 5.22-24

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given weekend, sorting through it all to find the perfect activities to fill our invaluable free time can be taxing. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the things we think are most worthy of your time.

Friday – Ex-Hex, Diarrhea Planet, and Summer Cannibals at Mississippi Studios – 9pm, All Ages, $15, (link)

Summer Cannibals have been getting boatloads of press and sweet (lucky?) bills recently. In the newest show to add on their press release, they’ll share the stage with bad motherfuckers, Diahhrea Planet, out of Nashville with their power pop tinged garage anthems, and California’s notorious all-female-trio Ex-Hex with their simple yet catchy 80’s throwback punk tunes.

Friday – Mister Tang, Ladywolf, and Melt at the Panic Room – 9pm, 21+, $5, (link)

OH MY GOD EVERYBODY FREAK OUT! A rad local dive got duped by a shitty tv program into ruining their bar and erasing their entire identity! Our only hope is that Portland’s low life garage scum punkers Mister Tang, Ladywolf and Melt will burn down the Panic Room down in the wake of their show there this Friday. Pretty sure I saw most of those boys at the Fuzz show Thursday night, so I can only assume they’re planning to bring the heat.

Sunday – New Move, Boone Howard, and Us Lights at Rontoms – 9pm, 21+, Free, (link)

You really can’t ask for too much out of a free show. However, this weekend’s (always free) Rontoms Sunday Session will be so legit the event might as well come with a couple free tall boys for listeners. New Move will be releasing a music video trailer, and Boone Howard comes out of hibernation behind a new solo album and has a brand new band behind him including members of The Domestics, Minden, Hustle & Drone, Aan and The We Shared Milk. Waawaaweewaa.

Saturday and Sunday – Ai Weiwei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads: Gold (2010) opens at the Portland Art Museum10am – 5pm, $15 or $12 for seniors and students, (link)

The work of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei comes to Portland with the opening of his Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads: Gold exhibition. Based on sculptures from an ancient, ornate garden accessible only to the elite of 18th century Chinese society, Weiwei’s work examines issues of looting, repatriation, cultural heritage, and the relationship between the “copy” and the original.

Saturday and Sunday – THE MIGHTY DUCKS at Hollywood Theatre2pm, $5, (link)

“Quack, quack, quack, quack (etc.)!” — you know how it goes. It’s late May which means the NHL playoffs are heating up (that’s hockey, if you didn’t know), so there’s no better time than now for a MIGHTY DUCKS matinee. In a true sports movie classic, Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) gets a DUI and is forced to coach a rag-tag bunch of peewee hockey brats. They really don’t make them like they used to.