Out on Suicide Squeeze records just last month, local 3-piece surf swamp legends Guantanamo Baywatch pull out all the romps and stomps with their latest release, Darling… It’s Too Late.

Devotees of the band’s back catalog, especially 2012’s excellent Chest Crawl will find a little more refined twang and soulful backing harmonies but with the same playful pension for tongue and cheek wordplay and attitude. The album’s lead single, “Too late,” is bolstered by the guest appearance of the incredible Curtis Harding singing aforementioned soul induced harmonies. As one comes to expect, there are many other tricks and shenanigans up GBW’s sleeves, including but not limited to – revved up motorcycle engines, lovely dolphin squeals, and of course jungle brides. As polished as Darling… It’s Too Late is compared to their lo-fi past, it seems The Kings (and Queen) of Kitsch are back.

Favorite track: (Tie) between :”Mr. Rebel” and “Corey Baum’s Theme.”

Best sea mammal guest spot: Dolphin squeal

John Waters scale of Kitsch: 6 out of 9 glasses of H20.

Written by Steven Fusco
Photos by Tony Acosta