Kyle Bates has been swallowed by darkness, but he is slowly re-emerging.

Through ethereal gloom-wave soundscapes, Drowse, the pseudonymic solo project of Bates (also of PDX hardcore band Sloths), transcribes the very real and tragic feelings of depression, narcotic brainwash and suicide. In his 2013 debut cassette EP, Songs To Sleep On, Kye addresses and attempts to move beyond the darkness of his depression and attempted suicide. Out today on cassette through Apneic Void and digitally through his own label Oligopolist Records, Drowse’s follow up efforts Soon Asleep attempts to portray the feelings (or lack thereof) he experienced while being heavily medicated with perscription drugs including seroquel, klonopin and zoloft. The album is accompanied by a 40 page memoir titled Mnemonic.

The six woozy, atmospheric tracks on Soon Asleep are built of synthesizer, processed guitar, various sampled sounds, and Bate’s voice which is low, soft and buried in a way reminiscent to a chorus of monastic chants. The songs all flow into one another, each swallowed by the next in murky waves of emotion, and should really be taken in as a whole rather than individually. And fuck counting sheep, the album’s title is no joke. For a full out of body and mind experience, Soon Asleep is best listened to through a good pair of headphones while lying down to sleep.

For the first time ever streaming in full, listen to Drowse’s Soon Asleep below. In celebration of his album release and to kick off a tour, Drowse will perform with a full band tonight at The Know along with Dragging an Ox Through Water, Sancho, and Troubled by Insects. 8pm, $5.