“Everyone is sinless in their true nature,” Songwriter Cor Allen overheard in a past life while playing harmonium for a Hindu Guru. That past life also consisted of both a dismantled relationship and band. But with Cor’s enlightenment to the attainability of a pure soul he was reborn with a mission to leave Pittsburgh for Portland to form a band called Sinless.

Before Sinless came fully into existence however, Allen found himself playing guitar along with like-spirited fellow and psychedelic minstrel Jackson Boone. That is until Cor was joined by Pete Bosack (also of Mothertapes and Loch Lomond) on Bass, John Walsh (formerly Palace Fiction) on guitar and synth, Lynn Nicholson (formerly Fen Wik Ren) on drums, and Chelsea Smith on keys and backing vocals. With a lineup in place and a first batch of songs cut to tape, Sinless are finally ready to introduce the world to their take on classic pop songwriting washed in warm analog tones and dreamy psychedelia. Introducing their first official EP Ethereality.

Short but sweet, the four tracks on Ethereality channel a bit of Lonerism-era Tame Impala before Kevin Parker took a turn towards R&B. Moody and grooving bass lines pop out through morose waves of synthesizer and blown out vocal hooks (see “Weightless Love”). “Trip the Light (Fantastic Sun)” stands out as an instant classic with an earworm melody and a simple yet dancy beat forcing listeners heads to bob in sync with the powerful hit of the snare. On the downtempo tune “Summer,” Allen seems to reflect melancholily on a dreary summer’s romance of past that may be relentlessly rearing it’s tragic head. While we’re sorry about whatever pain may linger from your past life Cor, we simply can’t help but love listening as you work your demons into song.

With a second self recorded EP already tracked, Sinless is now teamed up with drummer of Unknown Mortal Orchestra and producer Riley Geare to record the band’s debut studio quality full length due sometime in 2016. Catch Sinless’s debut performance July 16 at the Liquor Store as they open for Fog Father and Seance Crasher.