In a spectacle that drew tens of thousands of viewers to Tom McCall Waterfront Park last weekend, Red Bull’s Flugtag Portland celebration was so heavily attended that it’s permit was pulled and shut down early.

Some fault Red Bull for not preparing for the heavy boat traffic that anchored up to watch the event, some fault the Coast Guard for not having enough leniency or simply directing the crowd of boats out of the way of passing ships, and some blame the captain of the Portland Spirit cruise ship for barging it’s way through everyone causing chaos to erupt.

Regardless of whose fault it was that the event was shut down early, it was a major bummer for the thousands of people who came out to watch, and for the handful of teams that spent hundreds of man hours, and dollars, building their flying crafts but were not able to participate.

But it was good and fun while it lasted. Check out our photo gallery from the event below.

Photography by Darren Hartman