Kingsland Kitchen sits on a throne of food cart royalty, serving hearty fare that hails from England. Located on SW Oak St. and 5th Ave., this sleek new cart stands out among its rickety neighbors with furnishings of dark rustic wood and a copper vintage sign declaring, “Eat.” Its proud owners are Chris and Holli, new to the food cart ’hood but no stranger to authentic British food.

I ambled over to Kingsland on a bustling Wednesday, but this time I was actually a returning customer. Chris and I bonded the previous week and he’s probably friends with scores of other people due to his jovial personality. Combine his enthusiastic hellos in a suave British accent with Holli’s marvelous cooking, and I think that customers are getting a gourmet deal.

Lots of passersby stopped to peruse the cart’s diverse sandwich menu, which includes options like Mumbai spiced chicken, Guinness braised beef and various breakfast sandwiches.  The Mumbai spiced chicken was already sold out, and it was barely noon. A small gaggle of businessmen already gathered outside, waiting for sandwiches to get them through the dreaded mid-week.

Kingsland also offers a daily special to keep people on their toes, which has included tantalizing dishes like spiced chicken tikki and beef brisket. I specifically picked Wednesday to visit Kingsland, because word on the street was that bangers and mash would be featured. This dish stands as a classic British creation, a simple pairing of sausages and mashed potatoes. It’s also a serious portion of robust food that isn’t for the faint of heart. When I ordered it, Chris warned me of its sizable proportions, but I figured that if Kate Middleton could do it, I could too.

Soon enough, I had a heavy box of steaming food before me. I inhaled aromas of juicy grilled sausage and rich gravy, then eyed the massive, stunning presentation. A grand mound of mashed potatoes drowned in a wine and caramelized onion gravy while two hefty pork sausages vied for attention on top. A dollop of mustard tucked away at the edge of the box, adding a splash of color. The dish was quite a sight to behold.

These flavors were definitely crafted to satisfy a ravenous appetite. The potatoes showcased a creamy, light taste with soft little chunks of potato that still swirled into a smooth texture. They accented the gravy’s prominent wine flavor, which had an elegant fragrance that complemented the meal’s heartiness. The meat had a wonderfully savory juiciness with a bite of salt while the mustard provided a strong tartness that would pucker taste buds of even the most devoted mustard fans. This dish exemplified comfort food much beloved by Brits.

At the same time, Kingsland’s sandwiches are also known as legendary. When I first tried this cart the week before, the sandwich that stole my heart was the slow roasted pork. This beauty was a French roll crammed with a horde of ingredients—rich, tender pork so soft the texture seemed almost fluffy, a refreshingly spicy apple and chili chutney with flecks of cinnamon and a crunchy cabbage slaw. But what won me over were the devilishly delicious pork cracklings. These roasted skin morsels were blessed with a heavenly crispiness. I’d binge watch Downton Abbey while munching on these cracklings.

Take your own mental health day and grab a bite from Kingsland Kitchen. This gem of a food cart can give you a taste of England from wherever you wish to take your to-go box.

Kingsland Kitchen is open Monday through Friday 8am – 3pm.