It’s no mystery Portland flourishes a hearty amount of Thai food places, and a large number of those are food carts. With so many options, how do you know which ones to invest your hard-earned money into? Because let’s be honest; nothing is worse than feeling forced to finish an unsavory plate of Pad Thai when you’re starving. Fret not, my friends — Noise & Color has your back. The following list of Portland-based Thai food carts will save you lots of time and money, while also treating your taste buds to the best renditions of the exotic flavors Thailand has to offer. Bon Appetite!

Nong’s Khao Man Gai

Thai-4A simple, straight-forward menu greets you as you approach the white and yellow painted food cart of Nong’s Khao Man Gai. If you like rice dishes, this is the spot to visit. $8.75 buys you flavorful and aromatic chicken served over a bed of rice along with a small cup of house-made organic chicken broth soup. The ginger sauce that accompanies the dish is to die for. Best of all? There are three different locations scattered around Portland.

Locations: SW 10th and Alder, 609 SE Ankeny and 411 SW College St.

E-San Thai

Thai-3E-San serves up classic Thai dishes filled with flavor for around $7. As a safe go-to, order the incredibly flavorful Pad See Ew. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Mussaman curry, with crisp vegetables and protein of your choice, swimming in a creamy, sweet curry sauce that will knock your socks off. Orders are huge, so be prepared to share or go home with leftovers. You can choose your level of spiciness (choose wisely, as they do not mess around with spice.) Again, three locations around Portland make this a readily available option.

Locations: SW 10th and Alder, 133 SW 2nd Ave., 801-899 NE Pacififc St.

Sawasdee Thai

Thai-2Sawasdee boasts a huge sign under its order window stating: “Portland Best Top 10 from Citysearch 2008 for Take-Out.” They wear the badge with honor, and it’s well deserved. The Pad Thai and pumpkin curry are delicious and offer a large amount, so you won’t leave hungry. Must try: the Thai iced tea.

Location: SW 9th Ave & SW Alder St.

Thai Champa

Thai-1Tucked behind a burger joint on the East side, Thai Champa is definitely a Thai food cart champ (sorry, had to spring for a cheesy joke there). Pad Thai and any of the curry dishes will do you justice. Must try sides: Crab puffs and salad rolls.

Location: 910 E Burnside St.

Let’s Eat Thai Food

If you’re looking for quantity, you’ll love Let’s Eat Thai Food. Huge portions of Pad Thai, salad rolls, a side of rice and a Thai tea will run you around ten bucks. One large order of Pad Thai or a curry dish is around $5. Come prepared to share or save the rest for your next meal!

Location: SW Moody and Abernathy