As TBA:15 cruises through the week, we’re back with continuing coverage. This past weekend was packed full of performances and extravagant events, and Trav B. was there with his finger on the pulse and his heels on the runway.

We spent an evening with keyon gaskin for ‘its not a thing’ at BodyVox, where the artist poured us drinks and told us what he didn’t like about performance. Ushering the crowd from their seats and on to the floor with him, gaskin twisted his way through the audience as he progressively tap-danced, did the splits to Lil Wayne’s ‘She Will’ (on an iPhone borrowed from the audience), and refused the applause the onlookers so wanted to bestow.

Saturday night at The Works was one of the biggest events of the week, with the third iteration of Critical Mascara: A Post-Realness Drag Extravaganza. Hosted by the always beguiling Pepper Pepper, this night of spectacle was equal parts dance party and drag competition. If your guilty pleasure is RuPaul’s Drag Race, then you should have been here (next year!). Guest judges parsed over four categories including Clowns (the newbies), Protest, Faux/Real Femme, and the hotly-contested Vogue. The final prize of the night went to local performance artist Kayleigh Nelson’s persona: FAUNDae. Backflips and balloon-tails and booties, oh my.

S1, the artist-run project space and center for contemporary art, curated a night of music at The Works on Sunday that included U.S. Hard / Contemporary and a DJ set by Zola Jesus. The former warehouse space was an apt backdrop for the pounding bass and glitchy, mind-melting visuals. The following night, festival-goers turned out in droves for what was supposed to be a duet between Japanese sound artists Aki Onda and Akio Suzuki. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the latter was unable to attend, and Onda went it alone. Using the feedback and static from portable radios and tape loops played through guitar amps, the artist crafted a tumultuous crescendo of simple and complex sounds that built along with the crowd’s anticipation. Manipulating the light in the room as well as the sound, Onda structured his soundscape to fit the gallery space at Disjecta, sometimes merging with the audience or seemingly getting lost in a particular drone or hum.

There are still a few days left of TBA:15, and we’ll be out at The Works a few more times throughout the week. Have you seen something you absolutely must tell the world about? Come talk to Trav B. and the Noise & Color team!