Vegans beware – as you approach The People’s Pig, you’ll be immediately greeted by a sign that shouts “Eat Pig!” Even the side of collard greens is mixed with chunks of pork. This is a place for meat lovers, no questions asked.

Clearly a popular spot, The People’s Pig hosted a steady stream of customers as I enjoyed their outdoor seating on a warm October day. As their cashier/bartender Abby informed me, the business started off as a food-cart and quickly evolved into the tiny building that stands today on N Williams, just south of Fremont. It’s hard to miss, with its colorful exterior and billowing stream of smoke. You’ll inevitably walk away smelling like barbecue ribs and chicken. Also, be ready to share your meal because servings of everything you order will runneth-over bountifully.

Inside, the intimate counter/kitchen/dining room combo supplies a generous selection of drink and food options – mostly fostering specials you won’t want to pass up – especially the Cubano sandwich: generous slabs of ham, cheese and flavorful Dijon mustard nestled between tasty artisan bread. Pair that with their homemade iced-tea and you’ll be set. If you’re looking for something stronger, try the spicy margarita which has a kick, both in flavor and alcohol content.

Every dish comes with a side of your choice (or two, if you’re feeling bold.) The potato salad is a force to be reckoned with, tossed together with dill and green onion. While I’m usually weary of coleslaw as it tends to be smothered in too much mayonnaise, their side of coleslaw tastes light, albeit a bit on the sweet and watery side.

The ribs are charred on the grill and give off a crispy, slightly burnt flavor on the outside. However, once you bite in, it gives way to tender, fall-off-the-bone meat. The barbecue sauce is conveniently placed on the side, so you can put as much or as little as you’d like on your meal but truthfully, the ribs themselves offer enough flavor on their own to keep you satisfied.

If you’re looking for suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask the super-friendly staff. I’d definitely give the People’s Pig another visit, and next time will have to indulge in their fried chicken, which is actually deep fried then tossed on the barbecue. There is no shortage of rave reviews about it everywhere, including from the staff.  Come armed with a plethora of napkins, as things will get messy, but don’t be afraid to pig out!