The name of local musician Cat Hoch is bound to echo throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond in the coming years. Having gotten her start playing drums with Tender Age, guitar with Eternal Tapestry, and singing along with Jackson Boone, Hoch has proven herself a talented multi-instrumentalist, and now with the release of her first collection of solo material, an impressive songstress as well.

Recorded and produced by UMO’s drummer Riley Geare, Hoch’s self-released debut EP Look What You Found offers an ethereal mix of delicate synth, tight yet subdued drum and bass grooves, and intricate guitar wailing that carry Cat’s gentle and psychedelic crooning. In advance of her official release, Noise & Color is pleased to premiere Cat Hoch’s second single, “Archer.” The album’s closing track, “Archer” slips back and forth between some of the EP’s most grooving instrumentation into ambient Pink Floyd inspired breakdowns.

Stream “Archer” above or below, and catch Cat Hoch and her band this Sunday night at Mississippi Studios for the release of Look What You Found, along with local legend Honey Owens’ solo project Valet and up and comers Sinless.