Witchy shredders The Ghost Ease most recent release, RAW, is a seance to the anxious post-punk 90s revival. While the album certainly adheres to its moniker in many ways, presenting an emotional vulnerability that perhaps is unseen in previous releases, RAW is refined and sonically tight. The paradoxical elements of The Ghost Ease are not its downfall, but in fact one of the band’s major successes. The group has mastered the ability to be both serene and unnerving, structured yet disorderly and completely fluctuating.

Perhaps the most baited track off the album, “Gemini Rise,” acts as a figurehead for the group’s pleasant contradictions. Similar to the driving, radical softness of Cherry Glazerr’s “White’s Not My Color This Evening,” “Gemini Rise,” is tactful engagement with differing punk rock ethos. The single was released alongside a dream-like music video where lead guitarist and vocalist Jem Marie is spitting out healing crystals and disemboweling some jelly donuts. While the video is undoubtedly super fun to watch for its own sake, it also acts as a visual representation of the group’s ability to be both sonically moody and playful.

And much like the astrological Gemini rising, The Ghost Ease thrives in environments of chaos and change, playing restless and multi-faceted post-punk that has the ability to be both impassioned and apathetic (and believe me, I know a thing or two about restlessness. I’m a double Sagittarius.) RAW saunters through various sounds, from the frantic and theatrical vocals of, “PJM,” to the sad, orchestral sweep of “Bye, Love.” The Ghost Ease proves that being emotional is punk rock.

Catch the official album release show for RAW with Spookies and Months at Alberta Street Pub November 5th. Stream RAW in full by clicking the play button above or in the embedded player below. Also check out the band’s brand new music video below for “Gemini Rise” directed by N&C contributor Jess N. Pierson.