This Weekend in Portland: 11.13 – 11.15

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given weekend, sorting through it all to find the perfect activities to fill our invaluable free time can be taxing. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the things we think are most worthy of your time.

All Weekend

42nd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival

This weekend brings us one of the many great film festivals Portland has to offer — and of all of them, this one hits pretty close to home. It’s the Northwest Film Center’s 42nd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival, featuring directors from all over the Northwest (including a good number of Portlanders). NWFest42 actually kicked off on November 12th, and it runs through the 18th, so you have plenty of time to get out there and see the films. Overwhelmed? We recommend checking out Arresting Power, Christiania, and SLACKJAW (trailer below). You can peruse over the whole schedule right over here. – A.S.

Single-show tickets $9, Festival pass $50, (link)


The Living Dead Horror Convention at the Oregon Convention Center

Halloween may be over, but keeping it spooky can live on forever. This weekend marks Portland’s first annual Living Dead Horror Convention, in which we can continue the celebration of all things eerie. Curated by Living Dead Magazine creator Deanna Uutela and NW horror author James R. Beach, the event will offer a perfect blend of all genres of horror business – film, art, literature and music. – T.L.

Fri 4-8pm ($30), Sat 11am-7pm ($45), Sun 11am-5pm ($40), $60/weekend pass, All Ages, (link)


Content 2015 at Ace Hotel

In its sixth year, Content is a one-of-a-kind fashion event that blends a trade show experience with an art installation. Curiously enough, it’s hosted by Ace Hotel, and they turn an entire floor of guest suites into the showroom itself. A variety of designers set up shop, and you’re welcome to cruise around and scope out their wares (or should I say, their wears… lulz). A couple that have caught our eye are Solabee, A Girl Named GeorgesMapleXO, and Brady Lange, but don’t let us be the judge — go check it out for yourself! – A.S.

5-10pm, All Ages, $15 advance $20 at door, (link)


Pray For Snow Party at 10-Barrel Brewing

pfsWhile N&C may not endorse any one singular organized religion, that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t pray to the snow gods. Climate change is a real deal, and last year, Oregon’s ski/snowboard junkies got skunked – not necessarily from a lack of snow, but from warmer-than-average temperatures making it impossible for the snow to stick around long enough to be enjoyed (not to mention replenish aquifers with springtime snowmelt). This Saturday, Mt. Hood Meadows and 10-Barrel Brewing have organized a Pray For Snow Party in which, you guessed it, party goers will beckon the gods of snow to bless us bountifully this winter. There will be live music, brand new ski/snow gear and outerwear raffled, a pop-up rail jam, and 10-Barrel will be unveiling their seasonal Pray For Snow Winter Ale. – T.L.

5pm, All Ages, Free, (link)


Ride and Cat Hoch at Crystal Ballroom

What a few months it’s been for Cat Hoch — the release of an impressive debut EP What You Found, a beautiful little video for “Waving” (which you can find below), a large handful of killer live performances, and now a supporting slot for Ride at Crystal Ballroom. Don’t let Cat Hoch’s “psychedelic fuzzy dream pop jazz dad samba mama” genre descriptor fool you, though — this show is bound to be a shoegazer’s paradise. Is it odd that I led with Cat Hoch when Ride is basically legendary? Yeah, probably, but hey, fuck it, this is a big show! – A.S.

9pm, All Ages, $32.50 ADV $37.50 DOS, (link)