This past August, every Portlander’s best friend, Trimpnasty, aka Donald Trimp, aka the Trimpdog Berg Radin, released his third collection of bedroom pop nuggets as Surfs Drugs. Year of the Trimp, released exclusively on cassette through new Portland label, Nice Changes, showcases a more tender side of Berg’s always on point comedic persona, exploring melancholic themes of the human condition.

In true Trimp fassion, when offered to have a music video made for Surfs Drugs, Berg gave total creative control to producers Daniel Freeman and Monica DeLeon. The song in question is “Let’s Go To Space,” and in the particular outcome of the video, we watch as a homeless-looking backwoods santa creature goes for a walkabout while possibly experimenting with hallucinogenic berries and reminiscing on lost love.

Watch the video below or in full screen by clicking the play icon above.