This Weekend in Portland: 1.1 – 1.3

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given weekend, sorting through it all to find the perfect activities to fill our invaluable free time can be taxing. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the things we think are most worthy of your time.


World Beat New Year’s Day Bash with Wamba and Friends at Analog Cafe

If you didn’t get your fill of dancing on New Year’s Eve night, the West African music New Year’s throwdown at Analog Cafe is a safe bet to keep the festivities going. Senegal’s Mamadou Lamine Thiob, and members of the late Obo Addy’s drumming troupe Okropong will have your feet struggling to stay on the floor as you bounce, shake and twist away your hangovers from the night before. – T.L.

9pm, 21+, $8, (link)



Dead Moon, Don’t, and Long Knife at the Crystal Ballroom

Every time Portland punk legends Dead Moon play out, we’d be remiss not to attend. With the recent tragic loss of Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, we should all make more of an effort to celebrate and support those living icons we still have a chance to witness. The modern sound of local garage and punk rock would not be where it’s at without Dead Moon’s Fred Cole paving the way since the late 60’s. Catch them while you still can. – T.L.

8pm, All Ages, $20, (link)


Foxy Lemon, The Hill Dogs, and Beach Fire at Mississippi Studios

If your New Year’s Resolution called for a dose of good old-fashioned, down and dirty, blues rock than you’re in luck as that’s exactly what Foxy Lemon brings to the table. Foxy will be celebrating the release of their Butter EP, a somewhat ironic name since their tunes are some of the grittiest butter you’ll have… like butter with gravel in it. The Hill Dogs will mellow things out a bit with their earnest, folk-tinged offerings, and Beach Fire will round it out with the psychedelia. – A.S.

9pm, 21+, $5, (link)



Builders and the Butchers, Jackalope Saints, and Turbo Perfecto at Rontoms

This Sunday night, longtime local favorites Builders and the Butchers play a #rare hometown show at Rontoms. Americana/bluegrass troubadours Jackalope Saints play main support and Portland’s best progressive rock band, the illusive, instrumental, Turbo Perfecto will kick things off and get folks loose. – T.L.

9pm, 21+, Free, (link)


All Weekend

Orson Welles at 100 at Portland Art Museum

Orson Welles is one of the most pivotal actor/director/writers in the history of filmmaking. Though his career tragically fizzled out towards the end of his life, he made his mark and changed the industry for good with classics Citizen Kane, Touch Of Evil, and Chimes At Midnight. Celebrating what would have been Welles’ 100th birthday, from December 12 through January 4th, the NW Film Center has been showing both his most lauded masterpieces as well as his more odd, lesser known pieces. In the final weekend of this primer of his work, there is still time to catch The Trial (1962), Chimes At Midnight (1965), F For Fake (1972), and the 2014 biographical film Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles on the big screen. – T.L.

Multiple Showings, All Ages, $9 adults $8 Seniors $6 youth, (link)