As one of the most sought-after cities in the country, Portland is growing exponentially every year. While some of us are ready to drive out the migrating masses with pitchforks and torches (admit it, you’ve at least thought about making Portland sound like the worst place on Earth to outsiders who are thinking of moving here), we have to also admit that in some ways, these changes are good. We have the best food and bar scene in the country, our coffee is to die for, and our music scene is up and coming, to say the least. There are so many talented artists out there ready to get their foot in the door and all they’re asking for is a bit of stage time.

That’s why open mics are such an important element to every great city. Sure, they’re sometimes painful to sit through for the audience, but it’s always fun and encouraging to watch people get on stage and express themselves. It takes guts! Therefore, we here at Noise & Color felt it was our duty to compile a list of the best open mic spots in Portland. We even broke it down by day of the week, for your convenience. Each place has its own charm and attraction and while we’ve set the groundwork to get you started, we will leave it up to you talented artists to find out what they are.

Here is a comprehensive list of twelve musical open mics and two comedy open mics that will surely work with your busy schedule. So grab your guitar, ukulele or joke cue sheet, pump yourself up, and show yourself off at one of these awesome spots. We’d also like to encourage everyone to simply show up and enjoy the variety of talent we have in this beautiful city. After all, it is through your support that these artists are able to get up on the stage and do what they do best. Show some love!


Firkin Tavern – Sundays @ 8pm (sign-ups @ 7:30pm) – 1937 SE 11th

Plews Brews – Sundays @ 8pm (sign-ups @ 7:30pm) – 8409 N. Lombard

Laurelthirst – Sundays @ 9pm (sign-ups @ 8pm) 2958 NE Glisan


Kelly’s Olympian – Mondays @ 8pm (sign-ups at 7:30pm) 426 SW Washington

The Goodfoot – Mondays @ 8pm (sign-ups @ 7pm) – 2845 SE Stark

Soundgrounds Café – Mondays @ 7pm- 3701 SE Belmont

Corkscrew Wine Bar – Mondays @7pm (sign-ups @ 6:30pm)- 1665 SE Bybee

Pub at the End of the Universe – Mondays @ 9pm (sign-ups @ 8pm) 4107 SE 28th


Twilight Cafe – Tuesdays @ 8:30- 1420 SE Powell

Slim’s – Tuesdays @ 9pm (sign-ups @ 7:30pm) 8635 N Lombard


Buffalo Gap Saloon – Wednesdays @ 8:30pm- 6835 SW Macadam


Ranger Station – Thursdays @ 8pm (sign-ups @ 7pm) 4260 SE Hawthorne

Open Mic Comedy Nights

Kelly’s Olympian – Mondays @ 4pm (sign-ups @ 3pm) 426 SW Washington

Helium Comedy Club – Tuesdays @ 7:30 through March (sign-ups @ 6pm) 1510 SE 9th



Know of other open mic mights in or around Portland? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update this guide with your suggestions!