Portland experimental dark-pop duo Hart & Hare are currently hammering out an official debut EP at Jackpot! Recording that is due out later this year through Breakup Records. Luckily we won’t have to wait for the album’s completion to get a taste of the goods, as N&C has been #blessed to premiere their haunting new single “Nothing.”

Overdriven, industrial sounding guitar, and a mellow drum beat carried by an explosive snare hit awash in mucho reverb, lend to a feeling of isolation within a grand space. Somber, dueling vocals reinforce this sentiment of solemn confinement, which the couple seems to morbidly embrace in each others company as the chorus echoes “Let’s do nothing / Together / Let’s do nothing.”

Stream Hart & Hare’s “Nothing” below and catch them this Tuesday (2/2/16) at The Liquor Store to celebrate their single release along with Paper Brain and Focus! Focus!