It’s likely you’ve heard the name Haley Heynderickx before. Not only does her name easily stand out on a bill, but her burgeoning allure as an artist is simply impossible to breeze by. To be so young, and to go grow so quickly, can only really be attributed to her natural aptitude towards musicianship. All it took was a love for old school artists like Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix (whom she took the female form of in an eye-opening dream) and a bluegrass-inspired guitar teacher to catapult her necessity for electric to a full adoration for acoustic.

Heynderickx expresses an elevated level of talent and esteem for the industry on her latest endeavor, the Fish Eyes EP, with a vigor that’s all too appealing. Aptly self-defined as “doom folk,” Fish Eyes opens with “Drinking Song,” which is a steady build up of instrumentation pleasantly cloaking Heynderickx’s spookily seraphic vocals. The quavered, bustling sounds of “First I’m Sorry” introduces listeners to her true vision of doom folk. Title track, “Fish Eyes” plays into the dark, looming, Chelsea Wolfe-esque appeal that sets Heynderickx apart from other folk musicians, where as album closer “Sane” both thematically and vocally lend her comparisons to Angel Olsen as viable. Yet Heynderickx holds her own alongside anyone else she may sound like.

Though she may pull influences from many talented musicians, and has thusly received comparison to such, Haley Heynderickx truly defines her sound through uniquely tweaking and distorting elements of folk and bluegrass. With supporting band members including Big Haunt’s Lily Breshears, Colin Cameron of Wake Owl and Alex Fitch of Typhoon, we’ll hopefully hear from Heynderickx with a follow up full-length at some point in 2016. Until then, we’ll be savoring her Fish Eyes EP. It may only be four tracks long, but each song acts as another reason to keep Haley on your radar.