This Weekend in Portland: 2.5 – 2.7

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given weekend, sorting through it all to find the perfect activities to fill our invaluable free time can be taxing. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the things we think are most worthy of your time.


Cat Hoch, And And And, Ice Queens at Bunk Bar

Holy smokes, Friday night at Bunk Bar is going to be bananas. Not just one or two of Portland’s best bands of rippers, BUT THREE, and all for eight measly bones. Hell I’d give a kidney. Opening the night, Ice Queens will fill the heavy/intricate 90’s rock void in your cold, wintery hearts. Next, And And And will lift you up with the driving power of brutally honest commiseration. Don’t pretend your life is perfect, it probably fucking sucks (at least sometimes). Belt your heart out to “A Real Case of the Blues” and “Losing Team,” and I guarantee you’ll feel like the million bucks you don’t have. Closing out the night, Cat Hoch’s angelic croon will goose you right in the feels and send you home spun and confused. – T.L.

9pm, 21+, $8, (link)


STRAIGHT Illuminated+Dark+MatterOUTTA PORTLAND Opening Reception at Stephanie Chefas Projects

This weekend kicks off the STRAIGHT OUTTA PORTLAND exhibit from Stephanie Chefas Projects. Throughout the month of February, the gallery will be showing work from 17 local artists reflecting Portland’s truly eclectic and artistic atmosphere. Tonight the artists will be in attendance, so come on down and talk to them about their work. – A.S.

6-9pm, All Ages, Free, (link)


Contemporary Native Photographers Exhibition (opening day) at Portland Art Museum

ZigJackson_Untitled_Entering_Zigs_Reservation_web2Native American culture is oft-overlooked in basically all facets of life. History books conveniently gloss over it, entry-level art classes neglect it, and sports teams name themselves after slurs geared toward it. It’s safe to say Native Americans don’t get the respect they deserve. The exhibit that’s opening this weekend at PAM explores that theme and more featuring work from Zig Jackson, Wendy Red Star, and Will Wilson. Come through and get in touch with the culture that was demolished and pushed to the fringes to make room for more Wal-marts and highways and shit. – A.S.

10am-5pm, All Ages, $20/adults, $17/Seniors and Students, Free for under 17, (link)


Kyle Craft (Sub Pop release announcement) with Boone Howard and Laura Palmer’s Death Parade at Mississippi Studios

I don’t know if you could craft (see what I did there?) a much better bill than what will be happening at Mississippi on Sunday, and for just five smackers, this thing is definitely not to be missed. After a short stint of what seemed like hibernation, turns out Kyle Craft wasn’t hibernating at all, but busy getting his next record on Sub Pop — congrats! Joining Kyle Craft will be Boone Howard and his weirdo pop stylings and of course Laura Palmer’s Death Parade, completing the trifecta of artists actually using their own names in the band names… what a concept! Seriously, though, this will be lit, so do. not. miss it. – A.S.

9pm, 21+, $5, (link)


All Weekend

Sabertooth Micro Festival at the Crystal Ballroom

This weekend marks the return of the Sabertooth Micro Festival, taking over the Crystal Ballroom this time for three nights of psychedelic (or other states of mind-altering) infused heavy rock ‘n’ roll music. In my mind, the highlights of the event are Saturday and Sunday night, with Redfang and Built to Spill as the respective evenings’ headliners. If you’re trying to get really trippy while avoiding driving on intoxicants, you can fork out the extra shillings to join the heady canna-bus ride over to the festivities. There’s also a “Blasphemous Brew Fest” going on in Lola’s room, so expect shit to get rad/weird, you cross-faded fools, you! – T.L.

6:30-11:30pm, All Ages, $35/day or $90/3-day, (link)