In the summer of 2015 Bike Thief holed up in Portland’s historic-library-converted-recording-studio, The Hallowed Halls, to begin recording Impaler, a brand new LP which will be released later this year. Just last month they released the first single from the LP, “Dark Dances”. The tune is pointedly eerie in a way that 2014’s Stuck in a Dream never quite captured, and it only makes the anticipation for Impaler—whose release date hasn’t yet been announced—feel more arduous. Above anything else, “Dark Dances” is distinctly more polished than any of Bike Thief’s earlier releases. Maybe this is in part because the song was produced by Riley Geare of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, or perhaps it’s because the song-writing itself feels more intentional.

Today we’re please to premiere the accompanying music video for Bike Thief’s single “Dark Dances,” which was directed, written and edited by Ryne Freed. The video serves the song’s overall tone, amping up the ominous acid trip vibe by cutting between a blend of animation and silhouetted live footage juxtaposed by swirls of psychedelic color. Unfortunately, the “Dark Dances” video is the closest you’ll get to seeing Bike Thief perform live for a while; they’ve just cancelled all shows in the foreseeable future after the band’s drummer recently suffered a debilitating injury.