Combining sounds that transcend generations of music – from 70’s glam pop to doo-wop to 90’s indie – New Move frontman Jesse Bettis revealed easygoing melodies and infectious choruses with the long-awaited release of the band’s self-titled debut LP.

After a stab wound from an unsuspecting houseguest landed him in the hospital, Bettis found time off work from Bunk Bar and began reconsidering his approach to how he’d release his band’s record, which was a seemingly finished product nearly two and a half years ago. Throughout the course of slowly releasing songs one single at a time, Bettis secured a deal with Tender Loving Empire’s sister label Bug Hunt, and finally, last month brought the official release of New Move on vinyl, CD and digitally.

Bettis’ ear for the fusion of different sounds resonates on “How Do You Want It,” from the Deep Purple-esque bass riffs to backing vocals reminiscent of The Contours. An eerily catchy doo-wop chorus in “When Did We Stop” boasts a melody that will stick in your head long after listening. “Lost in the Woods” takes a step away from the more straightforward pop structure, with interchanging rhythms and tempo breakdowns that seem to tell a story of their own alongside Bettis’ smooth falsetto. What sets New Move apart from the inundation of other local bands and releases is the sheer depth and integrity of songwriting throughout the entire album. More so than Sum 41 before them, this album truly is all killer and no filler.

See them live: Tuesday, March 8, New Move headlines the first in-store performance of 2016 at Tender Loving Empire, along with local psychedelic dream pop favorites, Candace, playing support. The event is free and all ages.