There is no other band in Portland, and few elsewhere, as raw or sincere as And And And. The kind of pure, gut-wrenching, power-pop-indulgent rock that drags you through the trenches of emotion and spits you out maniacally uplifted.

And being the dark “Tim-The-Toolman-Taylor” of bands, when it comes to DIY anything, And And And doesn’t fuck around. If you’re already familiar with the powerful five-piece, you’re probably aware of their affinity for stage costumes and music videos filmed by cell phone that are chock-full of adult crafting. But perhaps topping all of their previous efforts at homemade entertainment is their latest video for the brand new tune “Tragedy,” which dropped last night on Joel Magid‘s game changing local compilation, Mt. Portland.

The video follows in a series of adventures through “A Real Case of the Blues” and “Losing Team” in which the gang bathes with and eats mysterious river-meats, inducing a psychoactive illness that sends the boys traveling through space and time. What happens to the band next will blow your mind… Watch below to find out!

And And And’s drummer, Bim Ditson, shared a mind-boggling list of the group’s DIY efforts in the making of this video. Check it out for yourself and try to tell me these guys are all the world’s coolest dads.

For this video we made:

-6 foot tall paper mache hand (1). Cardboard, chicken wire, 18 copies of Willamette Week, Elmer’s glue (3/4th’s gallon), house paint, spray-paint, two caster wheels, 4 drum sticks, duct tape, masking tape.

-Ghostbusters outfits (5). Painters jumpsuits, sharpies, cardboard, spray-paint, duct tape.

-Wizard Hat (1)–14 gauge galvanized steel wire, masking tape, spray-paint, sun hat.

-Wizard Boots (1 pair). Goodwill shoes, cardboard, spray-paint, masking tape.

-Wizard Cloak (1). Goodwill coat, porcelain cats (for shoulders), hand cut plywood shoulder mounts, latch bolts, washers, duct tape.

-Wizard Scroll (1). Old wood dowel from backyard, 15 feet of paper, tea and flame to age paper, sharpie for lettering.

-Mini infinity room (1). Hand cut 11″ squares of 1/8th inch mirror, wood framing (cut from yard wood on table saw), two hinges, polyseamseal, nails, LED strip lighting.

-Mini Ghostbusters guys (5). Barbie dolls, tissue paper, sharpies, cardboard, duct tape.

-Mini Black/White spiral wheel (1). Cardboard, spray-paint, white paper, suction cup, 18 gauge Stainless Steel wire.

-Full size spiral portal wheel (1). Two sheets plywood (4×8 foot), spray-paint, screws, 6 2×4’s, two caster wheels, 1 fancy spinning caster (for wheel mount to standing frame).

-Googly Eye Glasses (1 pair). Sunglasses, goggly eyes, glue.

-Fireman’s head gear (1). $1 Tree kids helmet, safety goggles.

-Back to the Future Flame Trails (2). Cardboard, BBQ starter fluid, a hope and a prayer.

-Red Swinging Arrows (5). Cardboard, spray-paint, duct tape, fishing wire.

-American Flag Kick Drum Head (1). Old drum head, masking tape, spray-paint.

-Blind Person Stick (1). Broom handle.

-Space Light Orbs (11). LED yard pool light orbs, eyelet screws, fishing wire, suction cups.

-Blood Spray Arm (1). Water bottle, V8, food coloring, drill bits.

Other miscellaneous props: Pink tissue paper, pink felt hat, pink balloons, pink table cloth, cowboy hard-hat, 150 balloons, cardboard disco ball, 150 plastic gold coins, 200 tea candles, hippy outfit, firewood, wigs, beard, pink bear hat, tobacco pipe, cooler, steel pipe, diapers, sleeping bags, pillows, little kids, construction light, blow up alien, groucho glasses, turtle shirt, fake teeth, Ice Queens, pink kids bike, Red and White denim outfit, Red and White Keds, glow sticks, 1 “Grip” (144) bouncy balls, towels, And And And floor mat (10×10 feet), wooden sword, Rigsketball van, spray-painted safety goggles, GoPros, iPhones. Stuff we’re forgetting we used:

And then there’s the mirror room! I started working on the mirror room back in October of 2015, I’d been wanting to build one for about 10 years. We had built a room inside a room in my basement to soundproof it so that we could still have practice at my place but the neighbors wouldn’t let up and we ended up getting practice space (basically bankrupting the band fund) somewhere else. That left me with the room in my basement though. So, I started going to the ReBuilding Center and buying all of the mirrored closet doors that they had. After I had enough–about 16 of the good sized ones–I built wooden framing for the ceiling and used the metal edging that I pulled off of the closet doors to sort of stitch them together on each wall and then mounted the metal edging to the wood. I also got a big plexiglass mirror for most of the floor and one sheet of plexiglass two way mirror for one of the walls so you could see in from the outside  but not out from the inside.

Then I called up my friend Ian and he gave me a shopping list for fully functional LED strip lighting and the power sources and light board to control and program them. I learned how to solder and how to wire up all the stuff Ian had me get and installed it in the finished mirror room so that every corner had lights in it that we could control from the other side of the glass and program however we wanted.

All in all, it worked pretty damn well considering it was my first shot at making an infinity room… Plus now I get to just have it in my basement and I can go program crazy light shows for myself whenever I want, feels good to have stuff that you made around.”