This Weekend in Portland: 3.11 – 3.13

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given weekend, sorting through it all to find the perfect activities to fill our invaluable free time can be taxing. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of the things we think are most worthy of your time.


WWeek’s Best New Band Showcase with Chanti Darling, Cat Hoch, and Mic Capes, Boone Howard at Mississippi Studios

While some folks may get bent out of shape about the voting framework and competitive aspect of Willamette Week’s Best New Band poll, we’d be remiss to not acknowledge that it does certainly highlight some of the City’s most promising musical talents year after year. And perhaps the tides of equality are beginning to shift in the local music scene – or at least in the minds of those allowed to vote in WW’s poll – but this year’s list is the most gender/racially diverse bunch of artists showcased to date. This is a good thing. Celebrating this year’s most voted-on acts, this Friday night, Mississippi Studios will host a wildly eclectic lineup – from throwback R&B to dream-psych to hip hop – featuring Chanti Darling, Cat Hoch, Mic Capes and Boone Howard. The show is free and will likely hit capacity, so show up early and enjoy the drink specials from Miller High Life and New Deal Distillery. – T.L.

21+, Free, 8:30pm, (link)



Moshow the Cat Rapper at PAM with Carl Kahler’s painting My Wife’s Lovers

Thanks to the wide generosity of the Miller Family Foundation, admission to the Portland Art Museum is free of charge this Saturday. While there are several noteworthy exhibitions that visitors should check out, we’d recommend timing your visit around the performance by Portland’s increasingly notorious Moshow the Cat Rapper, who will be doing his thing in front of Carl Kahler’s brilliant 1891 cat-painting My Wife’s Lovers. Moshow will perform two sets – one at 1pm and again at 1:30. – T.L.

All Ages, Free, 1-2pm, (link)

Opening: Emily Counts solo exhibition at Carl & Sloan Contemporary

Emily Counts is a Portland-based artist who’s had her work showcased on a truly global platform. Featured from Portland to Los Angeles, from New York to Berlin and Tokyo, Counts crafts sculptures that capture the complexity of relationships and communication in the modern age — the feeling of being alone together. Swing by Carl & Sloan this Saturday and check out the opening. If you can’t make it this weekend, the show runs until April 17th, so be sure to make time to stop by. – A.S.

All Ages, Free, 6-10pm, (link)


Sama Dams and No Kind of Rider at Rontoms

If you somehow missed the Mt. Portland compilation, then you missed “Evil In House (and Looking For Work)”, the latest offering from Sama Dams. If that track is any indication, their next record (which they just finished tracking at The Magic Closet) is going to be a doozie, and I’m eagerly anticipating. Joining them will be No Kind of Rider, back after a decent-sized hiatus, and I can only assume they’ll have some new stuff in store, considering their last offering was 2011’s Away Colors. As always, it’s a Rontoms Sunday Session, so you already know it’s free. Don’t miss out. – A.S.

21+, Free, 9pm, (link)

Who’s The Ross at Bunk Bar with Dana Buoy, Rasheed Jamal and Silas Weir Mitchell

It’s pleasantly refreshing every time Portland’s Aaron Ross hosts his weekly late night comedy show Who’s The Ross somewhere other than Dante’s. I’m not ashamed to say it… I hate going into west Portland. Aaron, pleeease consider taking your show to the east side for good? On top of being hosted on the right side of town – at Bunk Bar this week – this Sunday’s WTR, has a dope lineup. Dana Buoy brings his widely-praised electro pop, and local emcee Rasheed Jamal his infectious lyrics, for collaboration performances with WTR’s house band, Them! The Band! Plus, Portland’s biggest tv celeb Silas Weir Mitchell of Grimm (that’s right, Fred and Carrie, chew on that) will make a special guest appearance. An all time lineup for the show? It just might be. – T.L.

21+, $5, 9pm, (link)