This week, we’re back with episode two of our brand new, original mini-series, PADZ. Remember MTV’s CRIBS? This is nothing like that, but only because we don’t know anyone with extreme wealth. In a nutshell, Noise & Color takes you through the humble abodes of some local Portlanders who help make our city the creative cultural hotspot that it is, including musicians, business owners, and one very special punk rock mayoral candidate.

On this episode, we have that very mayoral candidate, who also happens to be a small business owner and a musician — it’s Bim Ditson, and he’s giving you a guided tour of his house! Bim takes us through his chainmail-crafting workspace, shows us the Rigsketball vans, and we get trippy in the InFiNiTy RoOm!


Video by Bridgetown Creative