Sometimes when you start a radio station from scratch, and it receives such overwhelming community support that it’s heralded as the best new (or otherwise) station in town, and then takes over a competitor’s broadcast signal and transmitter station in just year one, the next logical thing to do is to expand. And that is precisely what XRAY.FM is doing with the launch of their very own record label, XRAY Records.

The label plans to continue the mission of the radio station, championing the city’s explosive music and other creative communities. With an initial roster of spazz rockers Blesst Chest and Sun Angle, XRAY Recs also plans to release a best-of collection of the hilarious comedy talk show Heavy Breather. But they also have some other rad plans in the works. Below, read our interview with the station’s founding president and board member, Jenny Logan and Maryam Troncelliti, who are the driving forces behind XRAY Records, in which we discuss a bit about what’s in store for the future of what may likely become Portland’s best new record label.



Noise & Color: What sparked the idea for expanding the scope of XRAY.FM to start a record label?

XRAY: It’s really the one of the same founding ideas of there are so many great bands in town that deserve to be heard, and we want to help make that happen.

What goes into running a label? 

There’s the standard business side of things – manufacturing, distribution, press, etc. The more interesting part is this: because we’re a nonprofit and don’t have a ton of resources, we really want and need to leverage the awesome community we’ve already built around the station.  That’s going to involve pairing bigger bands with lesser-known bands for a future 7” series, having bands interview each other and make videos of each other; putting on events, and of course playing our bands on the radio. We’re also stoked about doing some spoken word releases, for example we have a compilation of all Portland women poets in the works.

In a time when a lot of bigger recording labels are folding, are there aspects of how other companies operate that you plan to do differently? Or, what do you see as setting XRAY Records apart from other labels? 

As mentioned above, we hope that the portland community will help xray records thrive.

Is the plan to focus only on local acts, or will there be releases from folks outside of the Portland area?

We’re going to keep it local.

Who’s next on your radar of acts you’d like to work with?

There are many great and interesting bands in Portland.  We were actually just approached by Secret Drum Band, who we’d be very excited to work with.

Is the label accepting submissions for new artists and if so what’s the best way for folks to do that?

We are busy with our first few releases in the following months but would love to hear submissions for future consideration. Email us at But please send an inquiry first before sending enormous song files.



Join XRAY Records for their official launch party a week from today, April 8th, at Bunk Bar with live performances by local favorites Sun Angle and The Ghost Ease.