Today we’ve got episode four (and the final episode for the foreseeable future) of our original mini-series, PADZ. Remember MTV’s CRIBS? This is nothing like that, but only because we don’t know anyone with extreme wealth. In a nutshell, Noise & Color takes you through the humble abodes of some local Portlanders who help make our city the creative cultural hotspot that it is, including musicians, business owners, and one very special punk rock mayoral candidate.

In this episode, we impose on the home-life privacy of drummer extraordinaire Dagan Thogerson. The Murder By Death percussion wizard brandishes his dope sailboat cross-stitch that lives in his bathroom, shows off his backyard mud pit (thanks to the developers next door), and walks us through his neighbor’s (aka Guy Fiero’s) car collection. Oh, and there’s some fine feline acrobatics as well!

Video by Bridgetown Creative