This Week in Portland: 4.18 – 4.24

With the overwhelming bounty of amazing things happening in Portland on any given week, it can be taxing to sort through it all to find the perfect activities to fill that invaluable free time between work and other obligations. To help make your planning a little easier, we’ve put together a list of events that we think are most worthy of your time.



420This Wednesday marks the first official 420 in Portland since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Oregon. So celebrate we must. And there’s no shortage of dope ways to do just that. If you’re looking to really go big you should probably head over to Refuge PDX at 3pm to puff-puff-party with Talib Kweli, 1000 Fuegos, Two Planets and more. Pre-sale tickets are $20, but this may be your only opportunity to compete with Kweli in a joint rolling comp. If you’re looking for something a little more homie-centric, the Party Boyz 420 celebration at the Liquor Store in the evening is the place to be, letting the bittersweet music of And And And and Little Star be your spiritual guide through the hazy night you won’t remember. Just want to be kicking it outdoors when the clock strikes green? There’s a thing going down at Mt. Tabor with nearly a thousand people RSVP’d, and I’d be willing to bet that there’ll be folks cheeching down at the bluffs as well. – T.L.


Jackson Boone and the Ocean Ghosts, Sinless, and Haste at Bunk Bar

When I was at Treefort some weeks ago, I got a chance to once again catch Jackson Boone. I was running late, so I missed the first song, but it was a great set. Throughout the set, I kept requesting a song with (possibly) the best name in songwriting history — “Dolphin Turned Into a Cat”. Finally, after multiple requests, and friends requesting it, too, Jackson told us they opened with it. Yes, I missed “Dolphin Turned Into a Cat”. So, please, don’t be like me — don’t miss “Dolphin Turned Into a Cat”. Joining those there Ocean Ghosts will be Sinless (who put out a great EP last year) and Haste (who have some beautiful — and great sounding — cassettes you should snag). – A.S.

10pm, 21+, $, (link)


Suicide Girls Blackhearts Burlesque at Revolution Hall

ssg_Immortal_AfflictionSuicide Girls shouldn’t need a lot of introduction. But for those living under a rock, here’s a rough primer: beautiful women; alternative culture; pin-up style photography and videos; and the promotion of body positivity, feminine power, and open sexuality.  But SG culture isn’t just limited to their home-base on the interwebs any longer, they’ve got a burlesque show and they’re making the country frisky by storm. Filled with pop culture references – including Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter and other various costumes – the Suicide Girls Blackhearts Burlesque choreographed strip tease will undoubtedly inspire the heads of both men and women alike.  – T.L.

9pm, 21+, $25, (link)

All Week

National Parks Week

CraterLake_Mark_StevensOl’ Mother Earth couldn’t have picked a better time to look so damn lovely for us in the Pacific Northwest. With Earth Day taking place on Friday, this week has been officially dubbed as National Parks Week. And what better way to celebrate the outdoors and natural beauty of our country’s expansive geography than with free access to every national park. If you need help choosing the right parks to visit, check out the National Parks Service website and browse by what you want to do and whereabouts you’d like to go. Or, if you’d like to go above and beyond just celebrating our nation’s parks this week, NPS can also help you find the Earth Day volunteer opportunity that’s best for you. – T.L.

Every National Park, All Ages, Free, (link)


Pizza Week

The Merc never fails when it comes to Burger Week, so it’s only right that they’ve expanded their culinary capers to what I’m sure is a dietary staple for many of our readers: pizza. Yes, this week — April 18th to 24th to be exact — pizza joints all over town will be offering special Pizza Week slices. Slices are only $2 (don’t forget to tip!), and they will run out, so try and get ‘em early. There are 31 different slices to try, including one I think looks exceptionally tasty: UFO’s “Danger Bird”. Do your research and read up on all the specialty slices, plan your trip, and starting next week maybe lay off the pizza for a while, eh? – A.S.

$2 speciality slices, locations vary, (link)

pizza week

Design Week Portland

Although DWP technically kicked off this past weekend, the true festivities take place this week, and if you’re at all creatively-inclined — a photographer, a designer, an illustrator, or even just a keen observer — you might be interested in checking out some of the programming scheduled this week. Programs vary in price, but for the most part it’s pretty affordable (see: free-$10). A few of my personal picks include: Futurelandia, From Craft to Career, The Myth of Portland, and a program about the Central Eastside. On top of all that, there’s open houses going on all week — if you’re into animation of any sort, check out Hinge Digital. – A.S.

Prices and locations vary, (link)

design week