Pizza! A timeless classic. Perhaps it reminds you of a grade school sleepover party with your best friends. Or maybe it’s a mid-week reward for all of your adulting. Whatever keeps bringing you back to this nostalgic favorite, there’s only a few days left to celebrate Portland Pizza Week 2016!

Many of your favorite local pizzerias are participating, from Atlas to Sizzle Pie, Babydoll, Roman Candle, and 23 other shops, all serving up specialty slices for only $2 each. After a thorough investigation of the full list of slices, some real tough field research (that might have extended a second round or three), we have our top five favorite slices of Pizza Week. Remember folks, most of these are limited-time-only slices and will only be offered through Sunday, so get out there and try to catch ’em all, before they’re gone for good.

Top 5 Slices of Portland Pizza Week

1) Atlas Pizza

Whiskey-Soaked Smoked Brisket

Pizza_Week-4-Brian_BakerAfter much delicious deliberation, we picked the “Whiskey-Soaked Smoked Brisket Pizza” slice by Atlas Pizza as our number one. Why? As if the title didn’t already tell you. The bourbon BBQ sauce is the star of this slice. Topped with roasted bell peppers, provolone cheese, caramelized onions, and braised beef brisket – this pizza is loaded with dank flavors. Pair your slice with the Widmer Hefeweizen for just $5 during Pizza Week. Props to a flawless execution by the staff, as we saw them quickly churning out tons of these sweet slices.


2) Roman Candle Baking Co.

Loaded Baked Potato 

Pizza_Week-3-Brian_BakerYou’ll start with a knife and fork because of the pretty plating, but you’ll end by licking the flavors off your fingers. The “Loaded Baked Potato” pie by Roman Candle Baking Co. is a simple, yet decadent deconstruction. Thin pieces of Yukon golden potatoes are laid on the pizza crust with speckles of provolone picante cheese. Top the pizza off with a generous dollop of cool sour cream and slices of crispy bacon, then dress the slice sharply with stick cut scallions. While dining at Roman Candle’s long community table, this baked potato pizza slice made us miss Boise, Idaho, and our trip to Treefort music fest last month.


3) Hotlips

Glazed and Confused

Pizza_Week-6-Brian_BakerMake your mid-day vibe hazy and get in the right mindset for the “Glazed Confused” slice. Cilantro-pesto sauce, succulent broccoli rabe, mozzarella cheese, and juicy ginger infused chicken – or, quite simply, “A lot going on.” Bite in and you’ll see how it all works together in hot harmony. Relax outside and sip on some beer, with plenty of outdoor seating available at most Hotlips locations.


4) Sizzle Pie

Yin Yang Theory

Pizza_Week-10-Brian_BakerSizzle Pie’s three participating locations all offer unique specialty slices during Pizza Week. We dropped by the downtown shop where they offered two options – “Dagger Moon” a vegan-friendly pie with a white-bean based sauce topped with peppers, red onion, spinach, and a tofu “cheese.” And, the “Yin Yang Theory.” Start with Spicy Aardvark tomato- sauce and mozzarella cheese. Add punches of sweet pork and green onions and you’ve got a pizza slice that calls out to your inner carnivore. We liken it to the fiery, savory taste of sin. There was a clear winner here.


5) Pizza Schmizza

Nacho Porko

Pizza_Week-7-Brian_BakerVanilla or Chocolate? Pad-Thai or Stir-fry? Italian or Mexican? Sometimes it can be near impossible to pick which you want. But Pizza Schmizza solved at least one of those problems for us, offering their specialty “Nacho Porko” slice. The NP has a thick, puffy crust and goes hefty on the toppings: chunks of pulled pork, jalapeños, diced tomatoes, garlic, black olives, and a touch of corn tortilla chips. A spicy chipotle sauce adds a delicious blast of heat to round out this regional-fare-bender.



Honorable Mentions:

UFO Pizza’s “Dangerbird” – Spicy Thai peanut sauce, chicken, bacon, red onion and jalopeno? Say no more, mon amor!

Blackbird Pizzeria’s “The Reubenesque” – Calls to memory eating hot dogs at Coney Island.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor‘s “Stuffed Crust” – Over-Stuffed Crust with thick mozzarella stick cheese, topped with your choice of either plain cheese or pepperoni. Fat kid heaven.



Check out the full list of participating pizzerias and their specialty slices here, and share your Pizza Week experiences on socials by using the hashtag #PortlandPizzaWeek2016.