As a follow-up to last year’s ultra ethereal 7” single, Get High/Always, this spring Tender Age unveiled their longest collection of recordings to date with the EP Disappear Here. Released on cassette and vinyl through SINIS Recordings, the short-run of limited edition vinyl have already sold out, however according to the label another edition is in the works.

Following some lineup changes nearly two years ago, Disappear Here feels like a commencement for Tender Age and who they are as a group, with a cohesion that feels like they’ve hit their stride. Compared to the band’s first release, 2014’s Anything Mirrors 7”, the new EP is aggressively more experimental. There is no shyness as they stray from dainty melodies and pretty guitar riffs. Disappear Here is about more than how things feel on the surface; it takes time to get know the sharp, dark twists in unraveling the band’s tight-knit barrage of heavy, shoegaze sounds with a nod to 90’s greats My Bloody Valentine and The Breeders.

With similarly lilting guitar tones and simple drum beat, the EP’s opener “Lowers” feels like a somber shift in a similar narrative to last year’s single “Get High,” albeit with an added noise/freakout breakdown. Immediately following, “Delirium” shocks the senses, driven by a synthetic, dark and frenetic rhythm, warbling guitar effects are used as a backdrop for the haunting vocals rather than creating a melodic framework. On the B side, Tender Age offer their own explorative, darkwave reinterpretations of the classic 60’s pop tunes “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin and “I Love How You Love Me” by the Paris Sisters. The later track, in particular, taking the listener on a bizarre journey of sound that is both eerie and enticing, and just as much spoken-word as experimental noise.

See Them Live: Tender Age play at Holocene this Thursday night, May 26, with Tamaryn, and again next month on June 15 at the High Water Mark with Hollow Sunshine.