Bubble Cats are a shining gem in Portland’s underground alternative rock scene. Combining dark, explosive and at times sludgy elements of heavy metal, with melodic, earworm aesthetics of pop, and then layered with Tyler Riggs’ vocal timbre reminiscent to Pixies’ Frank Black, the Cats have created their own unique and infectious brand of rock that’s nothing short of ripping.

Off of their most recent EP, Anticlaus, out late last year, Noise & Color is pleased to premiere Bubble Cats’ brand new video for the tune “Blood Bounce.” Produced by the illusive Cicada.Baby (who’s also created rad videos for Bitch’n and Dovecotes), the video perfectly emanates the song’s ominous feeling, shot in black and white and featuring mysterious, faceless characters – one patting the head of an adorable pup, another smashing glasses against a wall, and one adorned with cloak and a knife experiencing some type of out-of-body urge for self mutilation. 

See Them Live: Catch Bubble Cats Saturday, 6/18, at Turn Turn Turn with Toyboat Toyboat Toyboat (featuring legendary guitarist Terry Robb), and Oakland’s Grex.