Every day in Portland there are a myriad of amazing things for one to get lost in. Sorting through it all can be taxing, so to help make planning a little easier, Noise & Color puts together a list of events each week that that we think are most worthy of checking out.


Boogarins, Coma Serfs and Dan Dan at Bunk Bar

If there’s one show you go see this week, it’d certainly be worth considering Boogarins at Bunk Bar. The Brazillian tropicalia-psych four piece blew us away last month when they were in town playing support for Dungen. This time at Bunk Bar, they play with local garage psychsters Coma Serfs and the new ambient prog synth duo Dan Dan.

9pm, 21+, $8, (link)


King Kahn & The Shrines at Dante’s

If there are only two shows you see this week, King Kahn & The Shrines at Dante’s should almost certainly be on that list. The raucous, infectious energy of their live shows stirs rooms into mad, sweaty dance parties. Hopefully their touring means there’ll soon be a follow up to 2014’s What Is?! Grab a sweetie or your best mates and head down to the “inferno.”   

9pm, 21+, $13, (link)


World Naked Bike Ride

Each year, the climax of Portland’s annual, month-long bicycling extravaganza, Pedalpalooza, is the infamous World Naked Bike Ride. There’s just something about baring-all, mounting a throne and pointing your bits into the wind that Portlanders love, drawing thousands of participants regularly. Perhaps it’s the mission of the ride – to highlight the vulnerability of cyclists, condemn oil dependency, and promote body positivity – that inspires so many individuals to strip down and join the massive ride, but I think people also just like to party naked. Check out our gallery from last year’s ride for inspiration.

8pm at Mt. Scott City Park, (link)


Dirty Revival and Lola Buzzkill at the Doug Fir Lounge

After the World Naked Bike Ride, you’ll likely want to continue skidmarking your way over to the Doug Fir Lounge to shake your bits at a sexy soulful dance party with Dirty Revival and Lola Buzzkill. Despite their name, the latter group is more likely to dazzle than kill any buzzes, and they’re definitely worth ducking out of the WNBR early to catch.

9pm, 21+, $10, (link)


B-Side 10-year Block Party with Red Fang, Big Business, Helms Alee, Gaythiest and more

Portland’s punk rock watering hole B-Side Tavern, housed in a former AA building, is turning 10 this Saturday and they’re throwing a block party. The 10 band lineup features some of the city’s heaviest hitters from Red Fang to Gaythiest as well as LA’s Big Business and Seattle’s Helms Alee who will all help fuel a bangin’ day-drunk. Tickets are only available at the door, so show up early as it’s expected to sell out.

Noon-10pm, 21+, $10, (link)

All Weekend

Quiet Music Festival at Disjecta

Some might argue that music is supposed to be anything but loud, but anyone who’s been to one of Chris Johanson’s Quiet Music Festivals at Disjecta would have to tranquilly disagree. This weekend marks the sixth year of the QMF transforming the contemporary art space into a zen atmosphere of musical serenity. This year’s two day lineup boasts a diverse array of performers, from LA’s Bouquet, to Fred and Toody Cole of Dead Moon, to Valet. Once again the performances will be recorded live on a 2-track ¼” tape machine by Seth Lorinczi – check out recordings from previous years including Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, Rebecca Gates, Peacers and more.

8pm, All Ages, $13/each night or $19/both nights, (link)