Summer is officially upon us, and for many Portlanders, there’s no better way to celebrate our typically short dry season than to hop on the ol’ two wheels and party with our pals during Pedalpalooza. This week (plus next Monday) marks the final hoorah for Pedalpalooza 2016, but there are still plenty of amazing rides to get in as well as the newly minted Awards Party bbq. Below, check out our highlights of some of this final-week’s choicest looking rides. Be safe out there and ride like the wind, friends!

Monday, 6.27

Pinball by Bike

Do you carry quarters everywhere you go, taking every chance you get to ‘ball? Are your favorite bars in town the ones with the best selections of pinball machines? Roll around SE with a crew of likeminded pinball addicts, playing all your favorite variations of the classic arcade game. And beware of tilts!

Meet at 5:45pm, rides at 6:30pm. C-Bar, 2880 SE Gladstone

Tuesday, 6.28

Karaoke In The Park

For fans of karaoke, cycling and sunshine, sing your hearts out, outdoors, in this fourth edition of the definitive karaoke-on-bikes bike ride.

Meet at 7:30pm, Ride Leaves at 8pm. Holladay Park, NE Multnomah between NE 11th & 13th

Wednesday, 6.29

Weed Wednesday Ride

Calling all heady dudes and dudets. Make it to Velo Cult by 4:20, and ride with fellow marijuana enthusiasts down the green-mile that is Sandy Blvd for some stops at pot shops before ending up at Ground Kontrol for $5 free-play arcade game night.

Meet at 4:15pm, Ride Leaves at 4:30. Velo Cult Bike Shop, 1969 NE 42nd

Tursday, 6.30

NE Mural Tour

The City Club of Portland takes us on a tour of some of the best murals in the NE. Check out some of our favorite murals in the city here!

Meet at 5:00pm, Ride Leaves at 5:30pm. Alberta Park

Ginger Ride

Red-haired brethren and sistren, unite! Gingers, and friends of gingers are encouraged to come together to celebrate their recessive genetic markers.

Meet at 5:30pm, Ride Leaves at 6:00pm. Lucky Labrador Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne

Friday, 7.1

Floyd vs. Zeppelin – Pink Floyd Ride

Remember the first time you listened to Dark Side of the Moon? I do, barely. Expand your mind, and ride to some classic psych-rock.

Meet at 7:00pm, Ride Leaves at 7:30pm. Laurelhurst Park at the playground by the art school

Zeppelin vs. Floyd – Led Zeppelin Ride

If you’re more, ‘Stairway to Heaven’ than, ‘Wish You Were Here’ then this ride is for you, although both classic-rock rides will end up jammin’ together in the end.

Meet at 7:00pm, Ride Leaves at 7:30pm. Laurelhurst Park – just west of the pond

Pastafarian Pirate Ride #3

Don your best pirate duds and colander-headgear and hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster in all his noodly wisdom. R’amen.

Meet at 7:30pm, Ride Leaves at 8:00pm.  Powell Park (West Side), 3400 SE 22nd Ave

Saturday, 7.2

Party In The USA Ride

‘Merica! Break out your American-flag-themed everything a couple days early this year. ‘Party in the USA’ on repeat until it comes true!

1:00pm. Donnie Vegas, 1203 NE Alberta St

Loud And Lit Ride

The title says it all… Loud and Lit might just be the loudest, lit-est dance party of Pedalpalooza. Noisemakers and light up things strongly encouraged, missing it is strongly discouraged.

Meet at 9pm, Ride Leaves at 9:30pm. Irving Park, NE 7th Ave and Fargo St

Sunday, 7.3

The Silent Ride

Ears still ringing from Loud and Lit? Take a one night vow of silence and listen to the whir of tires on pavement during this no-talking or music allowed ride.

Meet at 10:00, ride at 10:30.  Col. Summers Park, SE 20th and Belmont

Monday, 7.4

4th Of July Ramble & Picnic

Your last chance to get in a daytime Pedalpalooza ride, the Fourth ramble is a family friendly ride with frequent activity stops that ends at the Pedalpalooza Awards party.

2:00pm – 6:00pm.  Laurelhurst Park – West of the pond

Pedalpalooza Awards Party

Alas, Multnomah County Bike Fair is no more this year, but in its place we have the newly created Pedalpalooza Awards! Arrive early to hang out with the Grilled by Bike crew, stay late to roll on the Independence Ride at 8.

Grillin’ at 5pm, Awards at 6pm. Ride at 8pm. Woodlawn Park Amphitheater, NE Oneonta and Claremont