This past Saturday night, 10,000+/- Portlanders striped off their clothes, bedazzled their bodies with paint, glitter, masks, fairy wings and other various costume accouterments, and hopped on their bikes, tall bikes, recumbents, unicycles, rollerblades and skateboards for the 12th annual World Naked Bike ride.

What began in 2004 as a lighthearted protest against fossil fuel dependency and a way to promote cyclist vulnerability, some might argue that the annual ride has been coopted more as a form of exhibitionism and an opportunity to promote body positivity than what it originally started as. Regardless of the mission however, it’s safe to say that the WNBR has become a fixture in the community, bringing out Portlanders of all ages, body shapes, races, and sexual orientations. Even thousands of community members not participating in the ride turned out, some in the buff and some fully dressed, but all to cheer on the procession, give high fives and to be mesmerized by the whir of bodies passing by.

Below, click through our gallery from Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride 2016. Photos by Drew Bandy, and obviously NSFW. For added viewing pleasure, check out our gallery from last year’s ride.