European marketplaces in Portland traverse the continent, from the Mediterranean terroir of the south to the mountainous landscapes of the east and all the peaks, valleys, and boots in between. While the options are plentiful, the best of the best can be found below in this list of Portland’s landmark European markets where all the choicest cheeses, cured meats, dumplings, fresh pasta, wines and more are available to help transform your home cooking into a European masterpiece. 

Portland’s Best European Markets


1720 NW Lovejoy St. #108, Portland, OR 97209

This tiny shop is a curio of European culinary delights. Bright and open, the shelves of Conserva are curated in a very select array of French and Spanish specialties. Imported cheeses like manchego, queso tetilla and fromage basque come in small wheels, awaiting to be paired with the likes of quince paste for a perfect pinxto. The deep square shelves of the shop carefully display small inventory of delicacies with the likes of white truffle caviar, mousse de homard, filet of sardines in olive oil and mussels in paprika sauce aside specialty condiments like white truffle butter. Small sweets that harken back to the homeland beckon from the shelves as well, biscuits roses, Gateau Basque the traditional French cake filled with pastry cream, turrons, thousand flower honey and even heatable crocks filled with dark chocolate/caramel/fleur de sel fondue. Much like a gallery, Conserva often showcases new and seasonal items, and on a small metal rack out front you’ll even find fresh, locally-grown produce of the day. Envision Catalan calcots, hoja de ostra leaves, baby lettuce and purple asparagus. Wine, and particularly a fantastic selection of roses, are also available. Weekends are an opportune time to visit the shop as they often host tastings of wine, sherry and vermouth paired with the shops newest temptations. This is the perfect place to create a tapas selection that transports you back to the street cafes of Catalonia.


3119 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Edelweiss is a sausage extravaganza! Braunschweiger, breakfast links, bierschinken, mettwurst, liverwurst, currywurst, gelbwurst, jagdwurst – the best of the wurst are all in stock. The carnivorous European specialties don’t end here though – snatch up some pancetta, olive bologna, paprika loaf or even stuffed, yes, stuffed bacon. The deli in the back corner serves delicious made to order sandwiches, wursts, potato salads and the likes, with all dishes amendable with anything under the deli counter you’d like. If you’re into dehydrated meats there are some mouthwatering jerkies sold by the pound in divine flavors like Thai Chili and Clover Honey. Edelweiss also offers European treats for the sweet tooth: Milka Alpenmilch bars, Ritter biscuits, Hanuta chocolate-stuffed wafers and Storz nougats. Round out your meal with a sliver of German pumpernickel bread or a shot of imported Dallmayr kaffee and you’ll be back on the Danube in no time.  

Gartner’s Country Meat Market

7540 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97218

This classic meat market has been a Portland staple since 1959. And for good reason, as it’s the place to get your hands on all those hearty European favorites made fresh daily: cheese and onion knackwurst, chicken bratwurst, traditional German smokies, Polish rings and braunschweiger. Sausages also traverse spicier western European styles like Andouille links and Spanish chorizos, but the heart of Gartner’s is in the lineage of the proprietor’s father who was a German master sausage maker. Gartner’s does more than just sausage, however. Honey or pepper cured hams are available, as are smoked turkeys, cornish hens, pork chops, roasts and ribs. If you’re thinking larger scale, the meat locker is the place to stock up on bulk beef or pork, or purchase a whole luau pig to roast on the spit at your next BBQ. Marinated kabobs, short ribs and flank steaks can also be purchased for a low-key dinner on the grill, or try a sandwich made from Gartner’s homemade cold cuts which include French head cheese, German thuringian sausage and Irish corned beef. With access to so much meat, Traeger pellet grills are fittingly sold onsite. Hunters are even welcome to bring in their own kill for Gartner’s to process in whatever style you may like.


2340 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

While it is easy to find Italian restaurants all over the city, it’s surprisingly difficult to come by a proper Italian market. Pastaworks is by no means a traditional Italian marketplace, but it surely fills the mercato void. Now relocated from Hawthorne to the larger, brighter Providore marketplace, Pastaworks focuses is on unique, fresh pastas the likes of hand filled rainbow chard and prosciutto ravioli, squid ink fettuccini and red pepper meat-filled tortellini. All of the usual coveted Italian pastas are available fresh as well: linguini, angel hair, fettuccini, tagliatelle, pappardelle, and many of them you can purchase cut to order. Artisan dried pastas are also sold by the bag. Next to their pastas, tantalizing sauces (including local sauce purveyor Marshall’s Haute Sauces) and sides are showcased. Seasonal pre-prepared salads can be purchased with offerings like the beautifully appointed artichoke with gremolata, fennel, blood orange and pickled daikon composition. The olive menu offers selections of Castelvetranos, kalamatas or black olives with herbs, as well as a fantastic selection of homemade focaccia by the slab smothered in savories such as bacon, onion and pepper or fava bean puree with onion flower. No Italian market would be complete without a selection of imported fresh prosciuttos. All in all, Pastaworks has everything one could need for the makings of a homemade Italian cuisine, be it old school or new.

romanrussainRoman Russian Market


10918 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97266

All the goodness of Russia packed into one tiny shop. There is a bakery on site crafting traditional pastries – sweet and  buttery pirozhkis, blinis and varenikis, as well as cream rolls, mousse cups and eclairs. You’ll find many imported delicacies like smoked caviar and sour cherries on the market shelves. Hand rolled pork, chicken and beef pelmeni dumplings are also available. There is a decent selection of Russian chocolate to choose from including bins of Russian mini sweets. A wide selection of looseleaf teas also beckon – paired well with the selection of tea biscuits – as well as refrigerated import beers like Baltika and Russian sodas. Meanwhile the deli is stocked with smoked and pickled fish, sausages and freshly made cheese and cabbage rolls stuffed with meat. Pickled beet and spicy carrot salad are sold as sides by the pound and you can purchase traditional hearth-made breads browned and still warm – uzbek lepeshka, rye, Georgian cheese bread, tandoori. You can’t miss the aroma of fresh bread wafting down the street as you walk by, and you shouldn’t miss all this little shop has to offer if you are seeking to create home cooked Russian fare.