Blowout’s debut album No Beer, No Dad opens to laughter and what sounds like the shotgunning of beers. A perfect intro that segues immediately into the strongest two songs on the album, “Cents Cents Money Money” and “Indiana.”

At only 5 minutes in to a 30 minute album, the listener has been treated to nothing but strengths. What’s interesting, though, is how they follow it up with the rest of the album, revealing a sound and style that has the potential to reach a massive audience, if engaged in a bit more editing.

The heights and summery-mood created by the first two songs are dampened by an interlude that foreshadows perhaps the weakest song of the lot, “1 I Want,” which is slower, simple, and repetitive. It doesn’t erase the magic and strengths of the darker, edgier material, but for listeners like myself who enjoy a full album experience over skipping through songs, it calls to question the decision to include it.

A similar effect could have been achieved by following up “Indiana” with a song like “King PP,” which captures the angsty emo, angular guitar lines and sing/scream dynamics that nostalgia cravers will devour rabidly. This juxtaposition may have gotten the point across, that Blowout can do more than just sunny pop-­punk, without a drastic change in tempo and volume.

The rest of the tracks, including “Green Couch,” Fuckslang,” and “Guts Grown Up,” all range from solid to good, making this a debut album that, disregarding the intro and the interlude, has 3 great songs, 6 good songs, and 1 that maybe could have been cut. This is an excellent effort.

Potential listeners should not be turned off by this persnickety critique. Blowout’s debut LP No Beer, No Dad is an essential summer album, released at exactly the right time as they embark on a national tour where the’ll surely have many hearts swooning.